Student Speak

        I am Dr. Raniya Sulthana. I attended two courses offered by KASE- CTY, and CAMA. Let me express my sincere gratitude to Sreekrishnan sir(Executive Director KASRS), Jayadevan sir(Principal VPSV Ayurveda College, Prakash Mangalasseri sir(Course Director), Safeer sir(Course Coordinator) and the entire team KASE for their wholehearted efforts for making this happen.

        CAMA( Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Management of Autism)- It was a power packed 5 days course under the guidance of Dr. K.S. Dinesh sir. All that we need to know about Autism was detailed during the sessions. The course gave us the confidence to analyze Autism Spectrum Disorders through Ayurvedic Perspective.

        We got an orientation about Ayurvedic Management of Autism and AGASTYA protocol, which is developed by Dinesh sir through his constant efforts and clinical trials over the years. Importance of lifestyle modifications and Multidisciplinary interventions in Autism were also familiarised in Center for Integrated Management of Children with Differential Abilities (CIMCD) At Kottakkal. Clinical training sessions gave us an insight into the scope of various treatment procedures that can be adopted in Autism management.

        I express my heartfelt thanks to Dinesh sir and Kaumarabritya Dept for their sincere efforts.

CTY (Certificate Course in Therapeutic Yoga)-Many thanks to Dr. Dilip Kumar sir and Swasthavritha Dept for training us to manage various diseases the yoga way. Through this course, we got theoretical and practical training in basic yogasanas.

        The extensive yoga practical sessions made us confident to practice yoga in the right way and to pass on the yoga skills to the patients.

        Various techniques to relieve stress were familiarised through Happy Assembly, relaxation techniques and Smriti Meditation. Smriti Meditation is a unique technique developed by Dileep Sir, to transcend to subtle levels of our mind. We perceived and experienced the goodness and relaxation provided by Happy Assembly and relaxation techniques.

        We were trained to diagnose diseases in yoga perspective and to manage it through yoga. Apart from the academic benefits, I strongly believe that this course has refined each one of us mentally, physically and emotionally. Many more thanks to Dilip Sir and his team. Awaiting the advanced course on Smriti Meditation!

Dr. Raniya Sulthana Doctor