Student Speak

Its a great privilege for me to attend the first ever certificate course organised by Kottakkal Vaidyaratnam PS.varier Ayurveda college and KASE ,special thanks to Principal Jayadevan sir and dept of Swanthavritta,dept of Kaumarabhritya and dept of Manovigyan,dept of Kaya chikitsa,special thanks to all pg students It's been 3 months,immense pleasure to say the journey through CTY, CAMA and CAP with extraordinary classes with extraordinary teachers,and with amazing colleague s is great step towards a much better person and a better and worthy doctor..Thank you so much.

Certificate course in Ayurvedic Management in Autism@CAMA thank you so much KASe for this wonderful extra brilliantly organized classes and our dear Kaumara bhrityam dept @ Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Archana, and all pg scholars.

@CTY classes special thanks to Jayadevan sir, Dilip sir, Shobhana madam, Prakash sir, Muhammed Safeer sir, Vinod sir whole Swastha department, yoga department Indu mam and our instructors Gaya and Amritha

Dr. Suchithra Viswan Doctor