Certificate Programme in Ayurveda Psychiatry (CAP)

Programme Objectives:

Sound healthy mind bestows healthy physical body. The advent in civilization and the diminishing quality of natural pollution free environment coupled with the ever demanding lifestyle, indoor sedentary working schedules, unhealthy away from locovoristic eating habits and the last but never the least the stretched and strained socio- familial relationships have led to an increased prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the human civilizations across the globe. A National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS) study has revealed a shocking prevalence of mental illness in India at 13.7% of India’s total population.

Most of the psychiatric disorders require a combined management protocol of pharmacological and supportive therapies. Conventional allopathic psychiatry medicines do exhibit a variety of side effects which are many times severe and adverse. In such a situation Ayurveda psychiatric management with its Daivavyapasraya, Yuktivyapasraya and Satvavajaya techniques where safe medicines are administered judiciously in conjunction with the patients faith consecutively adopting means to elevate the mental status of the person to the higher levels has a decisive role play.

Grahachikitsa or Ayurveda Psychiatry or ManasaRoga Chikitsa is one among the eight specialties of Ayurveda and a short term knowledge development programme in the discipline can turn a BAMS general practitioner into a specialist in ManasaRoga Chikitsa who can manage the common psychiatric conditions in clinical practice with

Programme Duration and Structure:

Six months-72 hours programme with 12 contact classes (two consecutive 6 hours a day contact classes every month) which includes both theory as well as practical sessions apart from therapeutic yoga in psychiatry.