Certificate programme on Ayurvedic psychotherapy and counseling techniques (CAPC)


Ayurveda Practitioners, in their clinics, usually and instinctively approach patients in a wider, holistic perspective by considering them in connection to the life situations from which they happen to be affected by diseases. A psychological approach is inevitable in all such situations. Many practitioners successfully elicit psychological roots of diseases and attempt to make an intervention, but are largely casual and unstructured. Many of them sincerely look for an opportunity to learn about effective and structured psychological interventions.

Ayurvedic psychotherapy, even though was ill defined as an interventional model, is now being developed as an integrated program enriched with adaptable models in other means of psychotherapy such as Counselling, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive behavioural Therapy, Smriti meditation etc. Sensitizing a practitioner with basics of psychology, Ayurvedic psychotherapy and scope of interventions in some common and relevant psycho-social issues will enrich their practice with more effective outcome.

Certificate Program in Ayurvedic psychotherapy and counselling techniques (CAPC) specifically aims to sensitize Ayurvedic Practitioners with practical implementation of psychotherapy and counselling in common psycho-social issues such as family conflicts, care of differently abled children, substance abuse, adolescent issues and gender Issues.

Program Objectives:

  1. To equip an Ayurvedic Practitioner with practically viable skill for psychological interventions based on Ayurvedic psychotherapy to enhance effectiveness of their clinical practice.
  2. To sensitize them with specific approaches such as Transactional Analysis, Cognitive behavioural therapy and Yoga based psychological interventions
  3. To develop reality based apprehensions on scope of psychological interventions on some specific psycho-social issues


Program details:

Time & Duration of the course: 2019 November 01 — 05 (5 days, 30 hrs)

Venue: KASE, VPSV Ayurveda College Kottakkal


Program contents:

Learning outcomes

  1. To develop skill in identifying psychological issues in some common psycho-social issues and psycho-somatic diseases.
  2. To develop basic counselling skill in common psycho-social issues based on Ayurvedic psychotherapy

Evaluation Policy:

Participant evaluation

  1. 80% attendance will be mandatory for issuing certificate
  2. Formative assessment will be done through performance in interim assignments
  3. Final assessment based on the performance in final presentation

Course evaluation will be based on

  1. Pre-test post-test evaluation
  2. Session feed-back from participants
  3. Course feed-back from participants