Certificate course on Ayurvedic Sports Medicine(CASM)

Certificate course on Ayurvedic Sports Medicine(CASM)

In today’s fast-paced world, the relevance of sports medicine within Ayurveda is paramount. With increasing physical activity and competitive sports participation, the demand for holistic healthcare solutions tailored to athletes has surged. Ayurveda, with its time-tested principles and holistic approach, offers a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between physical fitness, mental well-being, and optimal performance. In a world where injuries and stressors are prevalent in athletic pursuits, Ayurvedic practices provide a unique perspective, emphasizing prevention strategies, personalized treatments, and rehabilitation techniques that not only alleviate symptoms but also address underlying imbalances. Moreover, as individuals seek alternatives to conventional medical interventions, Ayurveda emerges as a natural choice, offering natural remedies, dietary guidelines, lifestyle modifications, and therapeutic modalities that promote sustainable health and resilience. The integration of Ayurvedic principles into sports medicine not only enhances the effectiveness of treatments but also fosters a deeper connection between athletes and their bodies, empowering individuals to achieve their full potential while maintaining overall well-being. Thus, in the current era defined by a growing emphasis on holistic health and personalized care, sports medicine in Ayurveda stands as a beacon of comprehensive wellness, catering to the evolving needs of a dynamic and active population.

Program Highlights:

• Explore the foundations of sports medicine and biomechanics
• Delve in to the integration of Ayurveda in sports medicine- scope, application, and potential benefits
• Learn the significance of Ayurvedic Kriyakramas in sports medicine and rehabilitation.
• Gain hands-on training and practical skills on Ayurvedic bandaging techniques and their application in sports medicine

Program Duration and Structure

6 days. (09.00 pm- 04.00 pm)

Attendance policy 
80% of attendance is mandatory for appearing for the final examination and issuing
the certificate

Mode of program