Career guidance program

Career guidance program

The career guidance program in Ayurveda offers invaluable insight into the diverse pathways within this ancient healing system. Through interactive sessions, participants explore various specialties and career prospects within Ayurveda, from clinical practice to research and academia. Additionally, the program extends its scope to cater to individuals interested in exploring opportunities beyond Ayurveda, providing information on courses available in foreign countries, thus broadening horizons and facilitating informed career decisions. By bridging traditional Ayurvedic knowledge with contemporary global opportunities, the program empowers aspiring practitioners to navigate their career paths effectively, ensuring a harmonious blend of passion and practicality in their professional journey. Through mentorship, resources, and exposure to diverse avenues, the career guidance program serves as a guiding light for those embarking on their professional odyssey in Ayurveda and beyond.


Session 1 ‘Meet the career Guru’

•Career guidance program for BAMS final year students, House surgeons & Doctors

Session 2 ‘Meet the experts’

•Join for our exclusive ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions, where you can gain invaluable insights into the courses we offer directly from those who have experienced them firsthand. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn about the transformative experiences of our alumni students and how they have applied their learnings in the real world.

Program Duration and Structure

5 days program.
Day 1 – Offline (9am to 4 pm)
Day 2,3,4,5 – Online (07.00 pm- 08.00 pm)

Mode of program 
Hybrid (Online and Offline)