Certificate Programme in Therapeutic Yoga (CTY)

Programme Objectives

Medical science is witnessing a paradigm shift in the causes of diseases. The emphasis on the role of microorganisms as the prime cause for diseases has been intelligently kept apart to find the right cause for illness as wrong life style which Ayurveda and Yoga schools had been advocating since ages. Life style components of food, limited or absence of physical activity/ exercise, improper sleep, neglect of natural urges, higher levels of indulgences, hectic routine and stress have amounted to and culminated in and as illness. Yoga therapy has emerged as an ideal tool to prevent and cure such life style disorders.

Yoga is an ancient Indian wisdom of psycho-physical practice to develop human personality at physical, mental and spiritual level. Only the tip of the potentials of Yoga as a therapeutic measure for many ailments has been explored and there remains a lot to be done in the area. This programme is aiming to provide adequate training to doctors to manage various diseases through the ideal combination of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Programme Duration and Structure:

Three month programme with 105 credit hours with 5 days contact class each we will equip the candidates to appear for the level 1 Yoga Instructor Certification test conducted by Ministry of Ayush and Quality Council of India.

  • 3 modules, each session with 5 day contact classes
  • 35 credit hours per module, seven hours per day
  • Theory and practical classes in all contact classes
  • Module 1 – basic theoretical aspects and basic yogasanas.
  • Module 2 – advanced practical sessions, special yoga techniques and Smit meditation.
  • Module 3 – cinical training session.