Short training on Mental health support during Public health emergencies. (MHSPE)


From the very beginning days of COVID 19 pandemic ayurveda doctors started shouldering the fight against it by providing tele-counselling to people in home quarantine through the tele-counselling programme. The joint venture of VPSV Ayurveda College Kottakkal, Ayurveda Medical Association of India, Govt. Ayurveda Research Institute for Mental Diseases and Indian Systems of Medicine was entitled as “Koode”.


Initially the prime objective was health counselling to the people under quarantine and the psychological support to the subgroup of the quarantined people who need special care. Koode also initiated a call centre facility to those who are psychologically stressed with various reasons related to unexpected lock down. It also extended the service to offer timely help to emergency needs like medicine and other basic livelihood items for people who are held up with unexpected lock own. Ayurvedic experts from each speciality through tele-consultaion for people who are in need of such interventions associated later on as as-needed basis. Koode supported the migrant labours locked down in Kerala offering tele-counselling.


Activities of Koode is centred in Malappuram District, and services offered to other parts of the state, country and even abroad. It is functioning as a three tier system; Screening, Primary counselling and expert counselling. Documentation was done through prepared google questionnaire. A team of Ayurveda doctors consisting of more than 100 expert counsellors who have additional qualifications with different courses on counselling directly calls the people under quarantine or receives calls through the helpline numbers. A team of 50 Ayurvedic doctors organises the whole program. More than 40 Ayurveda students are engaged in preliminary screening.
(This course will be conducted exclusively for KOODE Volunteers and expert team)